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Game Story and Background

High Concept

A third person action shooter where you take the role of an ex-special forces operative who is seeking vengeance against those who turned her into a vampire.


It’s a dangerous place in a not so distant future. In the bleak and industrial metropolis, Vampires rule in secrecy. While some are content to remain in the shadows, other factions are determined to break away and assert themselves as the dominant force.

As a recently turned vampire, you play as Sway, an ex-special operative who finds herself caught in the middle of this struggle for power.

Background Info (additional information coming soon)

Human World Set-Up
Planet is broken up into 5 main states (or nations)
Each State has a similar government structure which consists of:

Commerce - Elected officials that over see the state’s economy. They set rules and regulations for the large corporations and protect them from the Military and Legislative branch.

Military - Polices the state by enforcing the written law and protects it from other states.

Legislative - Law makers and politicians that write the laws of the states. They also control land distribution between the military and commerce.

The population of each state is made up of:

Citizens – civilians that earned their citizenship through college or military service. They earn the right to vote and elect politicians. Only Citizens can become Politicians. They also are allowed to own businesses and their own homes.

Politicians – elected citizens or military officers. They create the laws that run the state. (Legislative and executive branch as one)

Military Personnel – made up of serving civilians and commissioned officers. Military personnel can vote and run for office. (If they do, then they loose their military command while serving in office).

Vampire World Set-Up

Rule in the shadows using corruption and manipulation. The Traditionalist Nation is ruled by a council of 5 members, each from one of the main states.

Each Elder on the council picks a protégé to take his place after he retires. When the Elder reaches a thousand years old, he passes down his power and position to his protégé.

Each protégé is given a charm to represent his right to the council.

The Traditionalist are ultra conservative. They’ve worked all their lives to get where they are, and they don’t want to lose it. They are willing to do anything to preserve their culture and way of life.


Malik’s Faction - The first Separatist movement. Rule the humans as cattle because vampires are the superior beings. They deserve that recognition. Considered the extreme separatists movement.

Valhalac’s Faction - Rule similar to the Traditionalists, only with the recognition as the superior beings. They want to be known and control all the top positions.

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